These days, the internet privacy and security is a very hot topic. It is a common practice that every website that you open, stores details about you - for example you are required to sign up to use a resource on that website (like to watch video or to download a file). When you sign up, you give your name, your e-mail, your address, your interests. You give that information so that you can register and get account and then get the resource that you need. You give them that information voluntary. However they also gather other information about you based on your IP address even if you do not sign up for an account on their website. From the moment that you visit the webpage, your approximate location, ISP, country, hometown, post code is known to them. That information could be used in malicious way by internet thefts.

How to save your privacy ?

The easiest way to save your privacy is to use a web based proxy. It does not require any software to be installed, it does not need a complicated configuration. You just type the URL that you want to visit in the url bar below and the website is opened, with the only difference that your IP remains private. The website loading time will be almost the same as if you directly open it with your web browser. It's easy and fast, and most important, it's free!

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